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A SECOND SWITZERLAND | A Google Alert brings me daily news of Transnistria but very little about the territory of that name where the central part of LAMENT is set, in one of its Jewish ghettos during the Second World War. Few captives emerged alive to tell its history (I have been very lucky to be introduced to one) and with the eventual heroic Soviet victory this Transnistria disappeared. The rare news of it is usually sad, this recent item from Canada being no exception.

(Photo: Roman Janowski;

The vast majority of my Transnistria news concerns the current territory of that name, a small segment of the “original” sliced out of present-day Moldova and put under Russian control. The very few Jews who’d remained into the 21st century, according to this Israeli report, are fleeing. But citizens like Anastasia, quoted near the end, are more optimistic about their new country’s prospects. Who’s to say? | 7 OCTOBER 2019


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