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Lament: A Soviet Woman and Her True Story is now in print! This is a high-quality 700-page paperback book created and distributed through the print-on-demand services of IngramSpark, a terrific company. To order a copy, visit:; $25

Barnes & Noble; $25

Powell’s; $25

Or contact the author at to discuss how you can receive a signed copy. We are looking for reviewers, too!

Nostalgistudio digital titles:cropped-newbee

LAMENT for desktop & e-readers via Smashwords$4.99.

LAMENT for Kindle via Amazon$4.99.

LAMENT for Nook via Barnes & Noble$4.99.

LAMENT for Apple products via iTunes$4.99.

LAMENT for Koboers via Rakuten Kobo$4.99.

FAMEPUNK PART 1: US Open 1987 via Smashwords; contains new material; $2.99.

Upcoming Nostalgistudio titles, available here & now:

FAMEPUNK series for desktop & e-readers via Smashwords.

FAMEPUNK for real via

FAMEPUNK in Print via Amazon.



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