A new novel

Based on remarkable real life events, the latest modern epic from Liz Mackie (Famepunk) follows a young Jewish woman struggling to survive the 20th century’s most pitiless decades.

Lament: A Soviet Woman and Her True Story is drenched in love, tragedy, terror, and pure adventure. You’ll taste the exquisite Black Sea romance of Odessa, then travel by Siberian Rail to an impossibly distant Soviet Far East and the doomed “Zion” of the Bolsheviks’ Birobidzhan project–visiting the Moscow of Stalin on the way. At this lush novel’s heart lie three years of war-time imprisonment, forced labor, and miraculous survival in the death trap that was Transnistria, Romanian-occupied Ukraine.

Cover Image: Altered Photograph, Bira River, Birobidzhan

Nostalgistudio’s inaugural title is a rich and remarkably timely book about women and family, exile, war, humiliation and prejudice, poetry, the wonders of childhood, and the testing of humanity’s spirit by the ultimate challenges.

Available May 2018.



  1. I had the fortune of reading the fist half of the novel as it was being written. It is not only a wonderful novel but also a fascinating history revealed in the specifics of the details. I look forward to reading the finished work. Kaori Kitao


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