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NEW! LAMENT: A Soviet Woman and Her True Story (Second Edition; 2020)

The modern epic novel that readers call “a captivating and truthful story,” “a work of great craft, perceptive about the details of the everyday, the small triumphs of single moments, and the way social relationships frame out society at all levels in evershifting arrays of power.” This revised second edition of the 2018 original adds a wide-ranging glossary. Read an excerpt from the book. Read another.



FAMEPUNK / Nostalgistudio Editions (2019)

Part 1: US Open 1987

Chronicling a fantasy history of women’s professional tennis, the multi-volume comic novel FAMEPUNK opens with the victory of a strange local unknown over a tournament favorite at America’s premier tennis event. In US OPEN 1987, the mystery player’s wins pile up as a reporter tracks her story deep into South Brooklyn and its underground of gamblers, gangsters, exiles, impresarios, and ageless Romeos. This 2019 Nostalgistudio edition contains new material.

Part 2: Middlemarch

MIDDLEMARCH is the sexy, funny, epic, teen lust-filled second volume of FAMEPUNK, a new historical fantasy novel for adults of all ages. On a Reagan-era road trip across the U.S.A., young heroines in close contest and even closer embraces take professional tennis and primitive fantasy to their limits. One short excerpt and another–meet the Bigot Child.

Part 3: The Lutheran

A Nativity Story with several twists and a fallen star…it’s the short, sweet, subversive Part 3 of the groundbreaking FAMEPUNK series. Almost 1992. The Soviet Union is about to crumble. And Emma Jasohn, reigning Wimbledon champion, is confined to her home on the Long Island Sound. Pregnant, single, broken-hearted, stripped of privacy, she’s plotting revenge. She needs help. Enter…THE LUTHERAN.

Uzbek Pioneer Girls on the Tennis Courts at Tashkent