Deaf Drummers

Towards the end of LAMENT there’s a band, a family band, and one of the heroine’s children plays drums.

He declined a lecture, only wanting to give her a kiss and deliver the big bunch of wild pinks and purples he’d scoured from the hillsides. Spying Musya’s little notebook on the seat, he applauded gladly—she always made him Russian copies of anything she thought he’d like; for she was writing now and then. And his Yiddish studies lagged. Another quick hug and he was through the longhouse door. Seconds later she heard him at drum practice, the band’s demon rhythm section, its heart, soul, and occasional star.

He’s also deaf, almost completely, which doesn’t get in the way of his musical talent. My inspirations here include the great Scottish percussionist (and Dame) Evelyn Glennie, seen here in Grand Central Station on snare drum:

And while researching Evelyn Glennie, I found an article about deaf and blind Vancouver drummer, music educator, and Berklee College of Music graduate Vaughn Brown, who points out that “Disability is something that everyone on Earth has.”