“You should watch your language,” Dovid said flatly. “And show some respect. My wife is only four children away from being a Mother Heroine, you know?”
“You do realize those awards are intended for Russian women?” Of course they did. The couple sat waiting. At last the medical worker sighed. “I wish I could help you.”
Dovid reached into his coat and pulled out savings. “I heard this would be enough.”

While admiring the fortitude of its people and a great deal of its graphic design, I’m not romantic about the Soviet Union. I believe that if Bolshevism ever truly did point the way towards universal human emancipation—and countless good people were convinced it did—all that ended in 1936 when abortion was banned after sixteen years of being a woman’s right. After that was just a war on humanity prosecuted most ironically through forced population growth. It was Stalinism.
Image source (Russian site ) has a collection of poster artwork by Nina Nikolaevan Vatolina. This one is “Glory to the Mother Heroine!” from 1944:
I leaned on this excellent research paper (in English, on another Russian site) by Victoria I. Sakevich and Boris P. Denisov, a pair of admirably clear Russian economists, for background on sexual lives in LAMENT.