What have we read? What are we reading? What should we read next? Most people find interest in discussing these questions. A lot of my friends engage in book clubs and other forms of group reading, like Goodreads. As an inveterate free-range reader I normally resist these shindigs; but I’ve become persuaded to stop being so avoidant and give Goodreads an honest try. Here’s my Author Page, where I invite you to add Nostalgistudio titles to your reading lists and read my latest book reviews.

I’ve got an Author Page over at Amazon, too, a one-stop where you can pick up Kindle editions of every Nostalgistudio title—or order the handsome, streamlined 2nd paperback edition of LAMENT: A Soviet Woman and Her True Story.

And please follow me at both places! You’ll be glad you did.

Finally, and with a different photo, there’s my Smashwords profile page, which is worth visiting for the tag cloud alone. I encourage e-readers who want to help support truly independent publishing—for all— to buy their Nostalgistudio titles at Smashwords.

Top image from the July 7, 1954 issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly, via Internet Archive