The Lutheran

December 2020 finds the fourth part of FAMEPUNK underway and already moving fast in some exciting new directions. In preparation for beginning the work, I took an evening to reread Part 3, The Lutheran. Still very pleased with this one, I found one problem–several German expressions and words that I’d included in the interests of verisimilitude, but which I no longer understand, not being a German speaker.

So, for Advent 2020, I’ve created a German glossary and stuck it at the beginning of a brand new edition, available at the same LOW price as before. (For now, the FAMEPUNK series Nostalgistudio editions are digital only.) As an introduction to the world of FAMPUNK this little Epiphany story works very well, I think, and I encourage all adventuresome readers who haven’t already to give it a try.

Posthumous Portrait of Martin Luther as an Augustine Monk, Workshop of Lucas Cranach the Elder, Germanisches Nationalmuseum (public domain via Wikipedia)

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